Shan Do

Free Monk Protector


Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Body Type: Lean-Muscular

Endurance: -10
Psyc: -18
Strength: -10
Warfare: -18
Stuff: -22


Aestus is an industrialized world with a tumultuous past. Among standard physics, there exists a power known to the Aestans as “Shree.” Shree can be used by the body when the mind is in focus. Two groups study this practice on Aestus. The Free Monk Protectors, and the Highest.

The monks spend their lives in the temples studying martial arts, diplomacy, and mental focus. As a monk begins to learn how to harness Shree in his or her martial art, they are gifted with enhanced skills and strengths.

The Highest suppose themselves as overlords of Aestus, controlling and manipulating its citizens to their own end. They claim that their goal is order through streamlining, but the only ones that benefit are themselves, with the untapped left to their misery. They utilize similar, altered techniques to harness Shree to control and instill fear in others. The power is stronger, but the cost to the Highest is their lifespan, as the unrefined use of Shree deteriorates their bodies, removing a quarter to a third of their time on Aestus.

While the untapped ask to be admitted to a temple or the orphanage chooses some to live there, the Highest recruit, abduct, and coerce people into their ranks. The balance of these two sides continually shifts from one to the other. Neither the monks nor Highest have ever eradicated one group completely. As the secret battles turn to outright wars, the side with fewer members grow stronger. Shree is a single power, distributed among those that use it. With more people tapping it, the portion available is much less. As the users that tap Shree dwindle, more power is available to them.

Over the centuries, the quest for order from the Highest, and freedom and protection by the Free Monks, come and go and change like long seasons. Every time the leadership of the Highest is defeated, an era of peace begins again, with the Free Monks guiding and protecting the people of Aestus. Over that time, secret orders gain power, restarting the Highest agenda, and the untapped become complacent or tolerant once again, allowing the Highest to prey on their fears and weaknesses. The Monks blend into the untapped, infiltrating Highest orders until they are diminished, or they gain power and war begins again. An infinite cycle of war with order, and peace with freedom.

I am a Free Monk Protector of Aestus, seventh to the Most Peaceful One, one of one hundred protectors left. There are few of us left to fight to restore freedom to the untapped. But we are getting stronger.

Shan Do

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